Tangible skills for practising and maintaining your own energetic hygiene

-Do you feel inundated with other people's energy?
-Are your energy reserves depleted after human mingling and interactions?
-Do you feel like you suffer from 'empath fatigue'?
-Feeling overwhelmed by taking on the burdens, stories or emotions of others?
-Does the present collective consciousness feel overwhelming?

If so, these impactful, empowering and game changing tools may greatly benefit you. . .

The Energetic Tools training is a single session where you can learn the following:

  1. Grounding and how to clear other people's energy from your space, how to separate, discern and restore your space.
  2. Defining your space, a practice that marks the edge of your aura, helping to keep external energy from meddling in yours and keeping one's own energy to yourself.
  3. Replenishing one's energetic field. Learn and experience what it means to 'fill in' your own space with what you want and what best supports you. When we mangage this in ourselves, the less room for other's energy and the more grounded and in your body you are.
You will be guided through these three practices and tools and learn to make sense of them in a practical, experiential way. By enabling these three simple exercises in your daily life, you can effectively enhance your well-being and overall health.
Maintaining your energetic hygiene is one of the easiest, most constructive way to maintain overall wellbeing and personal peace.

Energy Healing Session 
One Hour 

Energy Tools for Sanity & Serenity 
2 hour experiential mini class 

All sessions are via telephone in the comfort of your own home.
ETransfer available within Canada

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"In every culture & in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."
-Albert Szent-Györgyi
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