Lorraine Suzanne

Energy Practitioner, Somatic Educator, Spiritual Ally

You are divine by design.
The mess and the joy, shame and sorrow, beauty and bliss, pain and pleasure, light and shadow.
All of you is welcome here.

Like many, I’m a sensitive soul and always felt at the whim of everyone else’s emotions and energies. The intensity of what I’d feel and take on would send me spinning into quiet introversion, fatigue and moodiness. Being overwhelmed became an uncomfortable norm for me. 

Then I learned some life changing psychic tools; how to ground myself, how to discern my own space from other peoples, how to manage my own field to not give away my energy or take on that of others. 

Learning how to maintain and take responsibility for my own ‘energetic hygiene’ was revolutionary. These practices and tools became a part of my ‘wellness compass’. From there I dove into continued psychic tools and energy training classes with an incredible seer, mystic, professional psychic, friend and mentor. I've been practicing and mentoring with her since 2017. The last year and half the healing sessions I've given have been critiqued for validity and delivery.
Presently I am continuing to expand and further my clairvoyant skills and hone my energy healing abilities at the International School of Clairvoyance. I am engaged in ongoing, supervised group and one on one readings and healing sessions within the school.  

I’ve been pursuing spiritual knowledge and mystical insight most of my life. If it were not for that connection, I would not be here today. My calling to help others came from the deep and extraordinary healing that I first had to do for myself. Bright light, dark shadow. My connection to the divine is what made that soul work possible. Healer heal thyself. 

I’m here to help during these times of change, awakening, transformation and consciousness upgrade on the planet. I do this by working on the energetic end of what it is you’d like to address, look at and shift.

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"In every culture & in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."
-Albert Szent-Györgyi
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