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Energetic Sessions Focusing on Improved Wellbeing, Conscious Awareness and Personal Empowerment.

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“I feel relaxed, grounded and present, like myself again.”
-S. Pearl

Energy Healing Sessions

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

-Albert Einstein
Energy Healing works on the energy consciousness and encompasses the
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.
Benefits of Energy Healing include:
-improved connection to one's inner knowing
-Stress and anxiety reduction
-Increase ability to relax and general wellness boosting
-Revitalization of your energy levels
-Plus much more!
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Energy Tools

“Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy.”

-Silvia Hartmann
Learn practical skills that you can use to enhance your energy throughout your daily life.
Lorraine offers personalized coaching sessions for you to attain the knowledge you need to keep your energy clear and healthy.
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"I was guided into a liminal space where I was able to release pent up emotion and let go of limiting beliefs. Post healing I felt inner calm, neurologically reset and much less anxious."
"Coming into my session with Lorraine I felt tight, stressed, depressed and weary to the bone. She helped me release where I was holding other people’s energy in my space, helped me process what was coming up and then got me all the way into my body. I feel relaxed, grounded and present, like myself again. I highly recommend if you want your space recalibrated and restored."
-S. Pearl
"Huge gratitude for these healings. I felt more calm and centered afterwards. Something shifted within me for the best. I'd like to do more healings in the New Year."
-Judi C.

Lorraine Suzanne

“I’m here to help you remember what you already know, that you are your own best healer.”

Practicing energetic healing and working with tools of personal and etheric empowerment since 2017, Lorraine is rising to the call to help others during these times of change, awakening, transformation and expanding consciousness on the planet.
Her calling to spiritually assist others came from the deep and extraordinary healing that she first had to do herself.
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How Does Energy Healing Work?

To begin, we have a brief chat about what you’d like to work on/look at and shift. We identify any limiting beliefs/old stories and what issues you may wish to address/explore/heal. I will tune into your energy in order to help and shift any energetic blocks that are being expressed in your life as limitations.

Working in cooperation with you and your higher self, we then align your body with source energy. This is done by working with your aura, your body wisdom centres (chakras) and your energetic field. 

Energy Healing works on the energy consciousness system of the client and encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems of each client.

Are Remote Sessions Effective?

Distant Healing is a method of energy healing done at any long distance or separate space/locations. Energy Healing based on the principles of the free and uninterrupted energy flow that travels through time and space to reach the recipient, without having to be in the same room as the practitioner. For those who cannot talk over the phone, email sessions are available.

Phone healing sessions are best because the only interaction is with the energy body. This is beneficial as there is less chance of being distracted by the physical body. Energy isn’t limited to a set spatial distance, and the energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere at any time and does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner. 

A cell phone is a good example. You can’t see the energy of the call being transmitted to you, but you can definitely hear the person at the other end. Energy Healing works in a similar way; you can’t see the energy being sent to you, but you can feel the positive effects during the session and afterwards.It travels through the quantum field of time and space and isn't restricted to any time and location. 

Energy Healing is multidimensional. The healing transcends time and space and the physical phone line has nothing to do with the efficacy of the healing.

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"In every culture & in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."
-Albert Szent-Györgyi
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